Monday, March 18, 2013

Proper Form for Walking Down the Catwalk

A successful modeling career is dependent on the attainment of a proper form for walking down the catwalk. This happens to be one of the most common questions I get so I decided I'd write a post about it. Most women think it's a challenge, but I must say that it is easy to get the model look. In fact, any time you go to a professional salon and your look can be changed in an hour’s time. But the art of achieving the right status is to walk like an ideal model. Yes, it is the catwalk!

To make your walk perfect you need to practice the art of walking by wearing high heels and walking up and down the road several times. It may not be easy in the first few days but ultimately you will get the grip and balance to get the perfect catwalk.

To walk down the catwalk, you must feel from within that you are the ideal model. Stand like how the supermodels do. It does not matter if you are not, but imitating your seniors I the right manner will make your each their position one day. Make the correct posture by taking your shoulders forward. Do not droop. It is the worst thing to do with the perfect height that you own. Do not give the impression of a backward lean; rather exhibit a leaning forward posture. It is the ideal one for a model and to accompany the catwalk on stage.

To get the proper form for walking down the catwalk you can try to balance a book on your head. This will help you make the correct move and change your walk immensely.

When you are walking down the catwalk, make sure that you first place your toes on the ground and then the heel. It creates a more elegant and graceful look. Also while walking, place one foot in front of another. This will help in straightening your walk needed for the ramp.

Walk like a horse. Take steps with enough spacing just like a horse does. It must not be too less like a baby walks and not too much to make it appear awkward. Balance your steps equally and also bend your knee a little as you take each step forward.

Moreover, to get the proper form for walking down the catwalk you must look straight. Your attitude must reflect on your face and clothes that you have worn at the event. Of course this does not mean you stare at a particular audience but create a focal point of your own.

Models usually do not smile when they are walking down the catwalk. Instead appear happy with the look in your eyes. They must smile on behalf of your lips. Make them shine brighter. Your chin must also be raised upwards at the level of your face. This helps in giving a more professional look to your entire appearance.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to make your shoulders and head steady while you walk down the catwalk. Do not move your shoulders and head at all. Instead move your hips time and again for the perfect walk.

It is a habit for people to fidget with their fingers when they are walking on the road. But for a catwalk, let loose your fingers and leave them hanging down. Do not make movements with them as it can become a focus of attention for the audience (even if you might not realize it).

Understand your body and practice regularly to achieve the proper form for walking down the catwalk. If possible ask your friends to take a video of your walk and self correct your mistakes. This will help you develop the right posture, attitude and movement for the catwalk.


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